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It’s funny how a small mistake can take so much time to correct. A small oversight like a wrong phone number, typo or a wrong name can really take a lot of time to correct. All of a sudden the easy flow of the day has flipped into a frantic pace, as you are trying to get everything set up before the carrier arrives for pick up. The production manager is yelling, the labels are not put on the freight yet, and the bill of ladings are still being printed, as you look up and notice the truck is due to arrive in 15 minutes! Did you just set up a pick up with a vendor and notice a typo on the bill of lading and cannot get the vendor on the phone to confirm the order? ” I have called three times and keep getting voice mail! It’s 30 minutes before pick up and my vendors bill of lading is incorrect. My goodness, where has the day gone, and why won’t they pick up the phone?!” This is a common panic in the transportation industry and one that most often can be avoided when you ask the right questions.

It’s the details that count when scheduling a pick up, below is a list of the “Best Practices” that can assist you when setting up shipments and hopefully will save you some time in the future.

1) Re-confirm & re-read everything back to your vendor, customer; pick up location as standard practice with each order.
2) Verify close time with each order, Don’t assume the close time, always ask to make sure.
3) Get a secondary contact and email address in the event your contact has to leave the office unexpectedly.
4) Verify phone number and contact person at the pick up location (“Shipping” is not a contact person)
5) Call and verify the pick up location received the bill of lading
6) Make sure the pick up location understands what bill of lading to give to the carrier.
7) Standard practice is only 1 bill of lading is req. at pick up; always use the 3rd Party BOL sent to you from AES Logistics only. (This ensures correct rates are charged.)
8) Verify NMFC # – National Motor Freight Classification of product being shipped. (Not a good area to guess, as pricing is based on NMC# and class of the product.
9) If you don’t know, ASK. You can email a Logistics Specialist at for any questions that you have, or call 877-890-2295.
10) If you have a special request required for a pick up, when booking the shipment, type the request into the additional instruction section, such as, “Use the back door, call before arrival, closed from 12:00-1:00 for pick up during lunch.”
11) Is there a pick up number required at pick up? Some locations require a pick up number to release the freight to the carrier.

Details are important and AES Logistics wants to ensure your satisfaction and support and assist you in ensuring your freight moves as scheduled. Supportive Logistics designed for your company and your changing needs. Personalized training available for all of your shipping personnel, vendors and administrators. Contact Kim Toller at or 206-769-2675 to schedule a webinar training to enhance your knowledge, education within all areas of shipping quoting, booking and scheduling. Import/Export LTL, Ocean, Air, Parcel – US & International Shipping. Don’t forget to click “Subscribe” to receive our weekly newsletter “Best Practices” for news that you can use!

Wishing you a successful week in all that you do!


Kimberly Toller
Brand Marketing Manager
AES Logistics



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