How Much Time Should You Spend Getting Organized? None

This is a great article re-affirming that fact how technology has fundamentally changed the way we interact with information. Is it true that the level of attention we are extending daily is actually decreasing? We all are multi-tasking and interacting with each other in ways that were never possible before, and to keep up the pace we search for the latest and greatest tools, technology, apps and software that will make us quicker, faster, organized and more efficient.

As the article clearly points out, “The essential takeaway is that the new economics of personal productivity mean that the better organized we try to become, the more wasteful and inefficient we become…. Our job today and tomorrow isn’t to organize ourselves better; it’s to get the right technologies that respond to our personal productivity needs. It’s not that we’re becoming too dependent on our technologies to organize us; it’s that we haven’t become dependent enough.”

What are you thoughts? How has technology changed what you do on a daily basis?



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